For family members, the decision to admit a loved one into a nursing home can be a very difficult one.  The Bedford Care Centers are committed to providing residents and their family members quality and professional healthcare.  It is our goal for each resident to be treated with their rights, dignity and self-respect held in the highest regard.

Bedford Care Centers offer a skilled staff to meet the physical, emotional and rehabilitation needs of residents needing short-term and long-term care.  Our rehabilitative care includes aggressive therapy service with consistent nursing care.

To make the admissions process easier, each facility has staff dedicated to assisting the family with the admission process.  You may contact them directly by phone.

Bedford Alzheimer’s Care Center
298 Cahal Street, Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: 601-544-5300
Fax: 601-582-2639


Bedford Care Center of Hattiesburg
10 Medical Boulevard, Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: 601-264-3709
Fax: 601-264-1144


Bedford Care Center of Marion
6434A Dale Drive, Marion, MS
Phone: 601-294-3515
Fax: 601-693-3198


Bedford Care Center of Mendenhall
925 West Mangum Avenue, Mendenhall, MS
Phone: 601-847-1311
Fax: 601-847-0857

Bedford Care Center – Monroe Hall
300 Cahal Street, Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: 601-582-9157
Fax: 601-582-2639


Bedford Care Center of Newton
1009 South Main Street, Newton, MS
Phone: 601-683-6601
Fax: 601-683-3081


Bedford Care Center of Petal
908 South George Street, Petal, MS
Phone: 601-544-7441
Fax: 601-582-3217


Bedford Care Center of Picayune
2797 Cooper Road, Picayune, MS
Phone: 601-799-1616
Fax: 601-790-0725


For additional information, see our Admissions Checklist.
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